May 13th, 2010

krazy koati

Trust me; you know you've got to trust me

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This is the sort of thing that sends people into academia and keeps them from coming back out again.

Trivia: The first prototype of Atari's Pong used as monitor a $75 Hitachi black-and-white TV set which programmer/designer Al Acorn picked up at a Payless store. Source: The Ultimate History Of Video Games, Steven L Kent.

Currently Reading: Step Right Up, Brooks McNamara. It includes scripts for some typical medicine-show patter, the comedy routines used to attract people to the commercial part. So on the one hand there's all this minstrel-show humor that's embarrassing to read, like the parts of Krazy Kat we don't linger over, but on the other hand there's all this loopy-wordplay and logic-reversing stuff that's fun to read, like the parts of Krazy Kat we do linger over other than that brick thing.

[ And why is it so hard to find the lyrics to the Electric Prunes's ``The Great Banana Hoax'' online? This isn't one of those songs nobody's ever heard of, for crying out loud. I hate going to YouTube videos of live performances and transcribing it for myself. ]