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Coati mundane
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Monday, May 17th, 2010

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So we heil [pbbbt] heil [pbbbt] right in der Fuehrer's face

The recent power failure gave me time to resume my Hearts of Iron II game, until the battery ran out. 1943 started with anarchy in the Portugese colony of Macao, which the home government was unable to do anything about --- too far away, I suppose, and too occupied with the Axis's war with the Comintern to despatch the forces needed to subdue the rioters. This would be only a cause for schadenfreude except the rebellion in Macao tried to spread to Hong Kong, forcing the units my United States and the United Kingdom had there to suppressing that instead of waiting for ... something ... to happen.

It was quiet then, until 14 May 1943, when France declared war on Germany, and the Allies and the Axis were at war at last. The world would see a new kind of lightning-war, with close air support and massive air superiority merging with fast-moving, hard-driving motorized troops diving deep into enemy territory. Before Bastille Day a Great Power would be vanquished, a Minor Power overrun, and several other Lesser Powers forced to change alliances, and an alliance would be shattered, clinging to a shrinking hold in Europe and colonies under constant assault.

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After seven long months of the Allies in combat, the Second World War was finally at an end. The World saw its first peaceful New Year's Day in seven years.

Trivia: Mikhail Yegorov and Meliton Kantaria, of the 1st Battalion of the 756th Regiment, raised the Red Victory Banner over the Reichstag which marked the symbolic end of the Siege of Berlin. Source: The Second World War, John Keegan. (What does it say of me that I automatically find a potential fact as discrete, unambiguous, and theoretically knowable as that one to be highly suspect?)

Currently Reading: The Man In The High Castle, Philip K Dick.

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