June 3rd, 2010

krazy koati

Just give us a script that makes no frigging sense

I had wondered before the show whether Cinematic Titanic would show the whole movie in a single block or whether there'd be intermissions, as on Mystery Science Theater 3000. They went with a single block, and I was surprised to find how tiring it can be to watch nothing but mad movie and comments for ninety minutes straight. It might be I'd feel differently given some more episodes; bad-movie-watching is the sort of thing one builds the sitzfleisch for. There wasn't much of an organized conclusion to the show either, leaving the ending feeling a little ragged until someone on the voice-over system announced the Cinematic Titanic bunch would be signing autographs in about ten minutes.

I quipped to my companions and got a good response from saying, ``If this movie has taught us anything then there are serious flaws in our educational system'', which I believe I also texted to skylerbunny, probably to his bafflement. Also my friend checked his phone and noticed the message I'd texted him about our seeing him, which left him predictably baffled because he didn't recognize my number.

We briefly considered the souvenir and autograph line, particularly as one of my brother's friend's friends wanted to get something, but we went to the bathroom first, and soon discovered that the line wound around, and around, and around, and around, and around, and around, and around the hallways suggesting that there were maybe five people from the audience who were not getting in line, and we were them. We bid the autograph-seeker adieu and wandered out into the streets of Manhattan. I'd heard talk about maybe getting a dessert --- we were right near Junior's on 45th street for cheesecake --- but somehow that evaporated in the night air and everyone quite noticing just how late it was. So we broke up --- my friend was going home by train, me by bus, so we didn't even walk to the Port Authority together --- and while I got home fairly past midnight, it was also a quite successful event.

Trivia: No record of what the Festivals Committee served at the Grand Ball which opened the Congress of Vienna has survived, although a similar ball held at the congress offered 300 hams, 200 partridges, 200 pigeons, 150 pheasants, 60 hares, 48 boeuf à la mode, 40 rabbits, 20 large white young turkeys, and twelve medium-sized wild boar, along with various roasted, baked, and cold meats, and six hundred picked and salted tongues. Also there was dessert. Source: Vienna, 1814: How The Conquerers Of Napoleon Made Love, War, And Peace At The Congress Of Vienna, David King.

Currently Reading: The Fourth Part Of The World: The Race To The Ends Of The Earth, And The Epic Story Of The Map That Gave America Its Name, Toby Lester.

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