June 10th, 2010

krazy koati

It's my job to find you a suitable situation

My mother is very sure that I should have a new suit for the interview. My mother is always very sure that I need a new suit, though, so I don't worry much about it. Actually, I got a new suit in early 2008, for my sister's wedding, and as a bonus from my financial perspective my mother bought it, covering the cost under ``wedding expenses''. However, since I've lost a third of my body weight since then I could not even think of wearing it, as I would slip out of it with my first step. Still, she urged me to at least think of getting a new blazer.

Saturday she and I were going up to Manhattan for a play, and we were passing a mall with, we believed, a Men's Wearhouse inside, that being the store where, we believe, my brother gets his clothes, and he seems pretty good at this whole employability thing. I thought it was near the anchor mall which ... I knew wasn't Nordstrom's, but was near Sears, which my mother proclaimed confidently was Macy's. I know the Borders and the Apple Store there.

Well, the store proved to be Macy's, and we walked in to what turned out to be the Men's Department, and they even were having a sale. So we stopped to see if there might be anything which looked good and fit me, and we fiddled around with blazers determining that now I'm skinnier than the standard model of being they design clothes for. But a sales clerk popped in and measured me and found a size 39 Long blazer on which not only did I fit, but I looked good. Like, really sharp. With actual definition to my body and how the clothing fit on it. I've never been a pret-a-porter person before; this was a new experience.

We also got myself measured for dress shirts --- I'm now a size 15/33-34, I think it was, and probably I should check that --- and bought a pair which are pretty near solid colors, satisfying my major desire for clothes, which is that they be basically solid colors, although with subtle patterns that keep them from looking too much like undifferentiated splotches of color. I tried on one shirt which was actually 15 1/2 collar, but bought the other un-tried, on the grounds that the measurement was adequate to ensure a fit. I didn't like that, but we lacked the time to take out the 800 pins and try it on.

I bought the clothes on my own credit card.

Trivia: Bill McGunnigle lead the Brooklyn American Association team to a pennant win in 1889, and took the same team now in the National League to the pennant in 1890, the first manager to lead the same club to consecutive pennants in different leagues. Source: Great Baseball Feats, Facts, and Firsts, David Nemec.

Currently Reading: Moveable Feasts: From Ancient Rome To The 21st Century, The Incredible Journeys Of The Food We Eat, Sarah Murray.