July 7th, 2010

krazy koati

The electronic insides and metal complexion that make up Herr Doktor Krieg

And for a final report on The Price Is Right for the season, unless I've misread the upcoming airdates schedule:

Period 1st Spinner 2nd Spinner 3rd Spinner
Month 8 10 12
Season 116 129 131

It took all season but the freakish early lead the second spinner took in the Showcase Showdown was finally leveled out, and in the last month (with some loose change) the third spinner barely eked out a lead. When I tracked this most of the 2008-09 season the first spinner won about a fifth the time, second a quarter, and third a third of the time; the 2009-10 season, it's so close to a third-a third-a third that I suspect the difference isn't statistically significant. I haven't tested that, though.

The lowest winning spins remain, for a contestant not facing any overspins by other contestants, 55 cents for an uncontested win and 30 cents for a tie. Against one overspin, the lowest win is 40 cents. Against two overspins, the lowest win is 10 cents.

As for winning the Showcase round:

All cases:
Period 1st Revealed 2nd Revealed Double Overbid
Month 9 6 0
Season 121 54 12
Unforced cases:
Period 1st Revealed 2nd Revealed
Month 1 2
Season 67 44

The preference for the first-revealed winning is just overwhelming, although interestingly when we rule out the ``forced'' cases where one contestant overbid or there was a dollar bid or other oddities like that, it's actually more likely the second-revealed won than the first did.

These totals have to be treated as a bit provisional, I hate to say: adding it up I find I have 187 Showcase revelations but 376 Showcase Showdowns, indicating I somehow managed to add things up wrong in at least one case. I can probably track it down. The error makes no appreciable difference in the point of the outcome, yet, what's the point of this tracking except getting this arithmetic right? I don't know how to answer that either.

I would like to point out the season ended in fine form --- with one contestant overbidding the Showcase, and the other managing a rare Double Showcase Win.

Trivia: Maize probably arrived in China in the 1530s; it is definitely referred to by 1555. Source: An Edible History Of Humanity, Tom Standage.

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