July 24th, 2010

krazy koati

To bathe your mind in the quiet tide

For Wednesday bunny_hugger and I set out with a plan to go letterboxing and then return home for dinner with my parents. This may sound like we just repeated Tuesday, but while that was the goal the results came out different.

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This was, as you might figure, a tranquil day, conclusion of a good resting period before the anticipated excitement of Thursday.

Trivia: About two-fifths of England's land in 1340 was owned by the monarch, royal family, and high aristocracy; another three-tenths was owned by ecclesiastical officers and corporations. Source: In The Wake Of The Plague: The Black Death And The World It Made, Norman F Cantor.

Currently Reading: Rules For Radicals: A Pragmatic Primer For Realistic Radicals, Saul D Alinksy. I'm startled and pleased to discover that way back in my undergraduate days, as writer/editor for the leftist campus weekly, I had intuited several of Alinksy's rules (among them try to be entertaining; don't do anything so often or long it gets boring; and insist on the letter of the administrative procedure so that giving you what you want is less hassle than disciplining you Properly), although the various protest groups I advised thusly only accidentally took this advice. Still, there was that fun period the main protest group spent daily occupying a different administrator's office and then leaving immediately on being Ordered to do so, thus keeping them from ever doing anything they could be disciplined for under the student disciplinary code, but making for some amusing newspaper copy regularly.