July 25th, 2010

krazy koati

Watch the seagull fly far-off skies

Thursday was to be my last day with bunny_hugger, with the climax of our time together being attending a taping of The Colbert Report, and her going to a hotel in Brooklyn while spending the rest of her vacation with her brother.

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But she hadn't gotten the Wifi password for her bed-and-breakfast, so there wasn't the chance to re-devour the experience we had just had. And besides, I had work in the morning, making up some of my time off with a Friday workday. I may have done something at work that day, although it wouldn't be as good as the week before was.

Trivia: At the height of the ``Woody Woodpecker Polka'' mania, the Revell Company of Hollywood put out a harmonica which, blown straight across, produced the correct C F A C A melody. Source: The Walter Lantz Story, Joe Adamson.

Currently Reading: Girl In Landscape, Jonathan Lethem.