July 27th, 2010

krazy koati

Life was so much simpler then

One nagging little thing about my father: I don't believe he's aware that I can actually do stuff. Some of this is my fault, in that I can be rather scatterbrained about getting to things. I blame that on my natural tendency to form patterns in getting things done, and unexpected things just don't have a place in the patterns, so they're hard to get to. (But if I get a pattern that includes something, just try and stop me from doing it.) Anyway, the route he's taken to coping with this behavior problem on my part is to explain what he wants ... very slowly ... using very few words ... in one block ... as if he were ... waiting for me ... to finish my ... stenography.

And there's over-explaining. He asked me to water the plants around the front door. It's been a dry and hot summer, with smaller birds occasionally bursting into flame, and the plants need the moisture. I would think being asked to water all the plants leading up to the front door would adequately cover the request, but before leaving, he made sure that we walked all ten feet of this path and he identified all the plants by name, as if I would ever know a plant by a name, and saying, ``now, water the (plant name), make sure it gets water''. Again and again and again.

Sunday, by the way, we got rain for several hours, and it seems to have minimized the worst of the heat wave, at least for a couple hours.

Meanwhile I'm taking my revenge by going through the refrigerator and throwing out the expired food. I grant there's some room for margin on expiration dates so I'm giving stuff that's only barely expired some leeway, especially when it's something like soy sauce that rots poorly if at all. But we had four --- count 'em --- four salad dressing bottles which expired in 2007, and more dramatic results for 2008. There was also a ketchup bottle with odd crystallization patterns inside it. My parents aren't going to believe how much faster the refrigerator compiles now.

Trivia: The word ``ketchup'' seems to derive from Indonesian fish and soy sauce kecap ikan. Source: Salt: A World History, Mark Kurlansky.

Currently Reading: Cortez on Jupiter, Ernest Hogan. You know ... yeah, this is an awfully interesting book.