July 28th, 2010

krazy koati

But only time will show the wiser

Work carries on, odd as usual. While getting enthusiastic about my project one day the owner dropped in my office and noticed the relatively tiny size of my monitor. He wanted to know how I was putting up with this tiny thing --- it's about the size of my laptop monitor, although for a desktop that can be a bit cramped --- and, well, that's just what they had. I mentioned how the tech guys had found a larger monitor, but inside the box turned out to be a switching thing instead.

The owner called downstairs and demanded to know why I didn't have a larger monitor because he didn't need any more blind programmers. This ... merry ... comment reflected that one of his semi-retired programmers who is suffering loss of eyesight happened to be up for the week for some programming and consulting. I know he meant it funny, and the programmer probably would have taken it in the same vein, but it felt awkward to me.

While there wasn't a bigger monitor in stock they did have a bigger monitor in the retired office manager's room, and before I knew it, this was being put on my desk. It would be the next day that I got time to turn the resolution up so I actually had more screen real estate rather than just wide, fat pixels. I also have a web camera now, hidden behind a post-it note tab, which the owner on a subsequent visit took to be a sign of charming low-grade paranoia. Fine for him to say.

A few days later he noticed that my mouse was an aged model lacking a scroll wheel. I've never really needed a scroll wheel, but he looked at me, as though shocked I was still hewing code out of marks carved on granite, and said that sort of thing was the kind of equipment upgrade I could ask for. Later that day I had a new and more dark plastic keyboard and mouse in a box whose copy comes in English and a French translation which seems vaguely sarcastic. THe mouse has its scroll wheel and side buttons and a glowing red LED out front so it looks like the official Microsoft mouse of the Daleks.

I wonder if I could get away with asking for an office iMac, though.

Trivia: In the 1950s five strong dust storms hit Beijing. In the 1990s there were twenty-three. In the year 2000 alone, there were thirteen. Source: Coal: A Human History, Barbara Freese.

Currently Reading: A History Of Appalachia, Richard B Drake.