August 3rd, 2010

krazy koati

It's quite a trip for me, so this is reality

Tuesday dawned with the promise of being something of a slow day, since the center of it was to be bunny_hugger's dental appointment. I had assumed that I'd go with her to the office, although I did expect to have to wait outside, dentists not generally needing the advice of underemployed mathematicians for their work. She hadn't thought about it and was a bit surprised that I wanted to. Still, we headed out together and I sat in the waiting room while hoping eagerly for news about her teeth. (She's got teeth still.)

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Mostly, though, while we'd have liked to find ginger ale cough drops, we'd like to emphasize how good an idea warm apple pie is as an alternative.

Trivia: John Ericcson's firm did not receive the final payment from the United States Navy for the construction of the USS Monitor --- in the sum of $68,750 --- until the 14th of March, 1862, about a week after its famous battle with the Merrimac. Source: Monitor: The Story Of The Legendary Civil War Ironclad And The Man Whose Invention Changed The Course Of History, James Tertiius deKay.

Currently Reading: Dushau, Jacqueline Lichtenberg. She mentions in the introduction one of the fanzines for her Sime/Gen series, which I think I did read way back when, and I realize I don't know why she'd have a fanbase widespread and organized enough to support fanzines. There's some structure-bringing element here I'm not aware of. (The Sime/Gen book seemed good enough, as I remember, but not like Star Trek fascinating.)