August 7th, 2010

krazy koati

You make me laugh and you make me smile

[ Sorry I'm late; visiting in Maine, and had Zardoz to watch. It seems to be under satisfactory control. ]

For Friday we planned to visit the Crossroads Village, in Genesee County, so that we could see what the place looked like in the summer and during daylight, not to mention maybe see just how the Venetian Swings worked. And after that we might get to Kokomo's and a fine family amusement center, consisting of an arcade, a miniature golf course, some small rides, and a steel roller coaster named The Serpent.

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On the drive back I remembered that not only had I brought my iPad but also I'd had the audio editions of several Doctor Who episodes loaded up on it. I'd intended to surprise her with the start of one episode --- The Monster of Peladon, one of a pair of episodes set on, er, Peladon and which she'd mentioned rather liking for various reasons --- although I managed to fumble the selecting of an episode, spoiling the surprise with the start of a wholly irrelevant episode and then starting up the sequel episode, The Curse of Peladon, instead. But we stuck with it and got to what sounded like pretty near the end of the serial by the time we got back home. All was looking pretty good for Satuday.

(These are the audio tracks from the episodes, with narrative added in order to cover gaps in understanding produced by not having the video available. To my tastes they over-narrate, but I'm very used to audio drama so perhaps am more confident in being able to infer what's on-screen than the perceived average listener would be.)

Trivia: Midway electronics did not actually build circuit boards for the Ms Pac-Man game; instead it built Pac-Man boards onto which were added the General Computers-made enhancement board which added the differences between the original game and this. Source: The Ultimate History Of Video Games, Steven L Kent.

Currently Reading: The Great SF Stories 4 (1942), Editors Isaac Asimov, Martin H Greenberg.