August 9th, 2010

krazy koati

Fancy stuff you like to eat like pizzas and eggs Bennon

[ Done with late for a little while at least; we're back after the big trip to Maine. ]

One of the things bunny_hugger and I kept meaning to do was to have a barbeque cookout. We'd meant to do it the previous year, and not managed; we kept meaning to do it some evening this week, and not managed. bunny_hugger had suggested the best solution we had now: have a cookout for lunch instead.

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But I did eventually catch my father, and got in the car even though he insisted we had to move move MOVE because the airport cop was supposedly on his case so I didn't have the time for luxuries like opening the back door of the car to put my bags in; I had to throw them over the seat as I lunged inside. But we got home safe and sound, ready to go back to work.

Trivia: A play, Captured By Wireless, about murderer Hawley Crippen and his transatlantic escape and capture, played for one week in April 1912 at the Opera House in Coldwater, Michigan, Crippen's hometown. (It also played elsewhere.) Source: Thunderstruck, Erik Larson.

Currently Reading: The Unwilling Warlord, Lawrence Watt-Evans.