August 22nd, 2010

krazy koati

It was always my ambition to see Piccadilly

I woke up on time. bunny_hugger woke up ahead of time, because she was in the study, where the wireless printer is, and as happens every time she sleeps there, my mother forgot and printed out something, which wakes bunny_hugger, and then my mother apparently remembered and didn't go in to get the printout (which would require climbing over the fold-out bed), leaving bunny_hugger in the state of not knowing whether to bring out the page or pretend to have not been woken up by things.

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But you'd think there must be more to the state of Maine than darkness, fog, and a long, nearly empty road that you hope is leading to somewhere that some people might be, and you'd be mistaken. However, after about another hour of driving --- coming to a total of just under eleven hours on the road, for a drive Google Maps estimated at eight and change, even allowing that we took multiple rest and meal breaks --- we arrived, safe and exhausted at the home of moxie_man and panacea1.

Trivia: The Upper, Old Boston Post Road reached New Haven, Connecticut, by way of Worcester, Springfield, and Hartford. There were at least two other major routes. Source: The Old Post Road, Stuart H Holbrook.

Currently Reading: Driftglass, Samuel R Delaney.