August 23rd, 2010

krazy koati

And I know where I'm going: to those bright city roads

The stairwell for moxie_man and panacea1's place has a sign, going down, consisting of a drawing of a yellow rubber duck and an exclamation point. One might think it hard to factorialize a duck. The point is otherwise.

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With the town across the river fairly explored and multiple flood high-water marks seen and photographed so come the next flood we'll be ready to make comparisons, we returned to moxie_man and panacea1's place to anticipate the arrival of malloc1024.

Trivia: In 1793 a syndicate headed by William Bingham bought three million acres of Maine territory at about ten cents per acre, with the pledge to establish 2500 settlers on the land by 1803, with a fine of $30 per settler if he failed. Source: The Sixth Great Power: A History Of One Of The Greatest Of All Banking Families, The House Of Barings, 1762 - 1929, Philip Ziegler.

Currently Reading: The Tin Angel, Ron Goulart.