August 25th, 2010

krazy koati

And I'm living the life that I chose

Sunday would have to be our last day: bunny_hugger's flight home was Monday, and there was no way we could drive from Maine to Newark Airport in one day. Even if we were so optimistic as to think we could, the traffic problems driving up would have convinced us otherwise. In fact, we'd need to leave shortly after breakfast, after going around making sure we hadn't overlooked anything, and malloc1024 worried that I was missing a Superfriends DVD, which I was, but because I'd left it back in my room.

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There were no further anecdotes on the way back, and we arrived back home sometime around midnight, ready to fall into bed after the successful road trip.

Trivia: While Lee Richmond is accorded a perfect game for pitching against the Cleveland National League team on 12 June 1880, it is unclear whether he may have hit any batters, as these were not recorded by the scorer then. Source: The Rules of Baseball: An Anecdotal Look at the Rules of Baseball and How They Came To Be, David Nemec.

Currently Reading: The Affluent Society, John Kenneth Galbraith.