September 30th, 2010

krazy koati

Omnivorous orchids cautiously wait, hungrily loom

I'm not just feeling lazy, I'm also feeling overburdened with work, so I'll post another set of pictures instead of writing. Though processing the pictures for the web and writing explanations probably takes longer than my usual 350-word essay would anyway so it's not clear I actually save any time.

Cocoa looks out. Cocoa did seem to understand the people gathering around outside the cage, and while I visited he did spend most of his time near the front gate.
Leaning down. This was a shot I liked partly for the view of Cocoa leaning down and partly because of the neat convergence of the angle of his nose to the angle of the fence.
A hungry coati! Another eating shot, which the camera's attempt to focus beyond the fence --- the food dish is pretty near the back of the enclosure --- turned into kind of an arty effect. Watch the teeth!
Paw-licking good. Another slightly arty shot of Cocoa this time licking his paws reasonably clean. I used to do this before it became near impossible for me to eat without a book in my hand or bunny_hugger's hand in my hand.
Well, so, that was dinner.  Cocoa didn't generally seem nearly as forlorn as this shot makes him look. If there were just someone in his eye line to be clearly pleading to for maybe a little something extra to eat, mm?
Coati Yoga This is another of the yoga poses which I can't do because I have incredibly tight hamstring muscles.

Trivia: The Admiralty designed a uniform for Royal Navy seamen in 1857. Ready-made uniforms would begin being issued to the men in 1907. Source: To Rule The Waves: How The British Navy Shaped The Modern World, Arthur Herman.

Currently Reading: Britain and the World in the Twentieth Century, John W Young.