November 16th, 2010

krazy koati

I'll take you to a place you've never been before

The subway was packed, of course. But it was a post-Rally crowd. There was singing. How could there be singing on the subway? How could there not be? When does a subway car break into song? When do I make my silly little attempts to sing along? This was such a time.

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On returning to the hotel we paid very close attention to exactly how we entered and its location relative things we could not miss. We were confident we'd have the back entrance figured out for Sunday, assuming we were able to wake up in time for the day. We were exhausted, after all.

Trivia: The human brain contains more phosphorous (per kilogram fresh weight) than any other organ in the body. Source: The 13th Element: The Sordid Tale Of Murder, Fire, And Phosphorous John Emsley.

Currently Reading: The Klondike Fever: The Life And Death Of The Last Great Gold Rush, Pierre Berton.