November 17th, 2010

krazy koati

I'll take you to a place where there is no door

We probably didn't get to sleep soon enough Saturday night, but then, the hotel might have made it easier by having breakfast run to a civlized hour, such as dusk. bunny_hugger's friend and her friend had to check out by noon, too, though, so that implied getting up in time for breakfast on that schedule.

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Clearly we were missing something, but what and where? We were able to find not just rats but bunnies in The Doll House; couldn't we find everything we wanted?

Trivia: The Manufacture Royale des Glaces de Miroir --- the Royal Mirror Manufactory --- kept the monopoly on mirror manufacture granted by French King Louis XIV for 125 years. Source: The Essence Of Style: How The French Invented High Fashion, Fine Food, Chic Cafés, Style, Sophistication, and glmour, Joan DeJean.

Currently Reading: The Study Of American Folklore: An Introduction, Jan Harold Brunvand.