November 28th, 2010

krazy koati

He's so sharp the things he does are

[ Continuing into the Jabberverse: it has ancient civilization other than Atlantis. And if the writers could have thought of any from real mythology they wouldn't have introduced Ancient Panaqua, I guess. ]

Episode Number: JBJ-5
Title: "The Sourpuss Octopuss"
Original Airdate: 9 October 1976
Production Code: 84-5
Plot: The Neptunes accidentally join an archeological expedition in the undersea jungles and must keep a code disk out of Doctor Octopus's tentacles. Jabberjaw is abducted and duplicated, with the evil twin stealing the code disk, which a computer left in the jungle tribe by an earlier expedition can use to identify a treasure's location.
Locations: Sao Mareno (capital of Aquantina), Panaqua, Aquapulco (named, not visited).
Guest Characters: Dr Nicosta, Policeman, The Octopus, Minions, Parking Lot Attend-bot, Jungle Natives.
Songs: ``You've Got To Believe In Love'' (chase, fragment)

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The Neptunes start performing at the end, but their waterlogged instruments soak everyone.

Trivia: One Truth or Consequences consequence for a man to get in a bed with a seal at a downtown thoroughfare. Source: Quiz Craze, Thomas A DeLong. (I don't know if it was done successfully.)

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