December 13th, 2010

krazy koati

Time to head for golden lights

Overheard at McDonald's: the customer came up to the counter and asked, ``You don't still have McRibs, do you?'' The cashier assured him that yes, they did. (There were posters for McRibs in the windows, but the menu-board sign was missing for reasons that are probably not interesting to the person assigned to keep the menu board up to date.) He said good.

He then said he'll take three cheeseburger meals, regular size; a #6 (Angus bacon-and-cheese third-pounder); then he backtracked and emphasized these were all regular size, for here, and regular Coke to drink. He also wanted a Filet-o-Fish meal, regular size, Coke. And two quarter-pounders with cheese meals, regular size. All that for here. And don't think by now I wasn't listening eagerly to hear the McRib shoe drop. It never did. Apparently he just wanted to check on the availability of McRibs so as to taunt the concept of McRibs by ostentatiously not ordering them.

Also, apparently, McDonald's still sells Filet-o-Fish meals. I guess they didn't get the memo about how God decided it's not a sin for Catholics to eat meat on Fridays anymore, except during Lent.

In other food news: Target's got Pepperidge Farm Tim-Tams. December's doing well in justifying itself.

Trivia: Before lifting the 200-inch mirror for the Palomar Observatory from its railroad train to the trailer rig, the ``Barstow Hook'', the largest railroad crane the Santa Fe operated, was tested out by lifting a 116,000-pound locomotive. Source: The Perfect Machine: Building The Palomar Telescope,

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