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Coati mundane
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Monday, December 20th, 2010

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Every time I hear that lonesome train roll down the track

So let me belatedly get into trip-reporting.

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Eventually, though, skylerbunny and I formed the idea that maybe we just didn't know how to make this restaurant thing work, and we gave up on getting food or drink there. The convenience store, now, that we could work out. Well, largely we worked it out; somehow I ended up getting a fruit cup instead of, like, candy. But that (and soda) made for the sort of snack we could retire to the room for, and get to bed before it was really late at all.

Trivia: By November 1879 Western Union had built a network of 56,000 telephones in 55 cities, which it traded away (along with other things) to Bell Telephone for 20 percent of phone rental receipts over the 17-year lifespan of the Bell patents. Source: Telephone: The First Hundred Years, John Brooks.

Currently Reading: England In The Later Middle Ages, M H Keen.

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