December 25th, 2010

krazy koati

It might hit you on a sunny afternoon

Monday was our last morning in the hotel room, and although we kind of slept in it couldn't go on forever, since skylerbunny had the plane to take and there was check-out, after all. And bunny_hugger and I were going to take the train back to Lansing.

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And so we were deposited outside the train station --- the station itself closes about a half-hour before the only evening train arrives, lest people find mass transit at all convenient --- and in good spot to claim a taxi back to bunny_hugger's home.

Trivia: As much as 53 percent of the money printed by the Chinese government during the last 18 months of World War II was used to cover the costs of the United States forces fighting Japan there. Source: Mastering The Sky: A History Of Aviation From Ancient Times To The Present, James P Harrison.

Currently Reading: America's Wars, Alan Axelrod.