January 10th, 2011

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And now I know this feeling's here to stay

And now time for my most accounting-like regular posting: how the Showcase Showdowns for The Price Is Right turned out last month. December was a short and slightly odd month, as it was reruns from the 26th November through 3rd December, and then again from the 27th of December onward to last Friday, except for a surprisingly routine ``best prizes of the year'' episode aired the 30th, and another allegedly new episode aired the 5th of January and which the airdates table claim was recorded the 3rd of January. I suppose that's not impossible, but it's out of line with the usual six-week turnaround between taping and airing, and there wasn't any fuss made about the New Year, so it's hard to see what the point of that would have been. The episode number (5415) is consistent, I guess, with such a late taping; the current airdate schedule lists number 5405, to air the 21st, as being taped the first day of December. We shall see, by which I mean, we shall forget entirely about this until it's too late to check. Anyway:

First Second Third
Month 13 16 5
Season 50 60 42

The third spinner had a staggeringly awful month, not the least helped by that freakish week of the 13th December where the second spinner won every time. I've found that week was assembled from disparate taping weeks, although whether to achieve that particular goal I can't discern. It mars the beauty of the accomplishment, although doesn't actually change the season totals any, I suppose. I think I need to establish the probability that a free-agent spinner will take that second spin for various first spin results and then just run a couple million simulations rather than fuss over this pesky real-world data.

The lowest-winning-spin continued its downward creep this month, with a five-cent reduction in the person who won, unchallenged, with one contestant out of the running; and a dime reduction in the winner on a tie with one contestant overspun out. No change in the results for a person winning against two contestants; and there still hasn't been a three-way tie this season.

No Overspins One Overspin Two Overspins
Solo Win 65 30 5
Tied Win 70 65 -

Trivia: In the original 1960 script for Super Chicken his secret identity was given as J Pullet Wealthy (taking off on J Paul Getty), and his sidekick Lawrence Lion. Source: The Moose That Roared, Keith Scott.

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