January 27th, 2011

krazy koati

In the world of many pleasures there's time for fun and games

It almost got by without my noticing, although the prominence of the date made it impossible for it to really do that. It's the anniversary of my opening this little journal. Pretty early on it took on the basic rules of publishing something once per day, but only once, with a trivia item and what I purport to currently be reading so that in the case of a really dull day I'd have some content, and even a song lyric as subject line to prove I can so dig out a song with some connection however tenuous to whatever the essay is. So far it hasn't come to the bare-minimum nothing-to-write-about day, but I don't imagine anyone would be surprised to know I've had various un-dated ``filler'' entries that float around to be used when I don't have time or inspiration to write anything current.

The main goal when I started was to keep up with all the cool people who were on Livejournal back then, before it started its Dreamwidth Support Project, and to more easily keep in contact with the so many friends who were on a different continent, twelve or so time zones away. I'm not so far away anymore and I don't prove to my friends I'm keeping up by writing in their journals nearly as much as I should, but then I'm doing almost as bad keeping up with responses in my own journal and isn't that fair?

I think it's been good for me, besides the social aspects, in training me not just to write several thousand words of copy per week (and to steadily increase that quota, too), but to enjoy writing it; and also to commit to memory the grand and exciting things that a person who mostly likes sitting home manages to do anyway. Still, perhaps this will be the year that I turn the energy and skill and habit I've been building to something more useful --- that textbook I keep meaning to write, or other projects I mean to do --- and that might force me down to my hypothetical minimum checking-in posts. We'll see.

Also when I'm really stuck for a subject line I just take a lyric from whatever's currently playing on the Technicolor Web of Sound.

Trivia: The Saturn I-B, Saturn V, and Skylab onboard computers were capable of only fixed-point arithmetic. The Space Shuttle computers introduced floating-point arithmetic. Source: Development of the Space Shuttle, 1972 - 1981, T A Heppenheimer.

Currently Reading: Cromwell, Antonia Fraser.