February 1st, 2011

krazy koati

Who will sacrifice pride for being nice game

And on to my tracing of The Price Is Right statistics. It was a short month, with the odd nearly-complete rerun week the 3rd (there was one new episode, counted in December's statistics), and then one rerun on Friday the 28th for some reason. The 27th featured a special celebration of producer Kathy Greco on her retirement, but what if anything that had to do with the rerun on the 28th eludes me. Anyway, the winner of the Showcase Showdown:

First Second Third
Month 10 6 12
Season 60 66 54

Nobody's managed a shutout week like the second spinner had recently, although the third spinner had a 7-of-10 week (the 10th-15th of January).

As for the other statistic for this season, the lowest winning spin, well, that hasn't changed much. The only decrease was in the case of when one contestant has over-spun and the other two tie; a tie at 55 cents went to a spinoff.

No Overspins One Overspin Two Overspins
Solo Win 65 30 5
Tied Win 70 55 -

Trivia: The Babylonian Zodiac sign corresponding to the Latin Taurus was the Star. Source: Mapping Time: The Calendar and its History, EG Richards.

Currently Reading: Here's Looking At Euclid: A Surprising Excursion Through The Astonishing World of Math, Alex Bellos. (A Christmas gift. People always worry about giving me pop mathematics books, but I almost invariably like them. Even if it is something I already know, or should know, seeing familiar territory from a new perspective is fun.)