February 5th, 2011

krazy koati

I guess every good picker has had some hard times

I did not go to work on Friday. This, apparently, surprised my boss. I'm fine with that.

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Trivia: In 1936 Unilever introduced its new Spry canned vegetable oil with the claim that it was ``extra-creamed''. Proctor and Gamble responded by claiming Crisco was ``double-creamed';. This provoked Unilever to proclaim Spry to be ``triple-creamed''. Proctor and Gamble finally won out with its ``super-creamed'' Crisco. Source: The Company: A Short History Of A Revolutionary Idea, John Micklethwait, Adrian Wooldridge.

Currently Reading: Close-Ups: The Movie Star Book, Editor Danny Peary. This is a book my father brought home from a guy whose house he's eternally repairing; the guy hoards everything and is roughly content to give stuff away, so, my father grabbed a bunch of books to restock my reading reserve as though I needed the help. Anyway, the late-70s book is short essays by movie people about their favorite movie people. While there's a diverse and surprisingly durable set of stars represented --- thirty years after publishing I'm not seeing names that clearly don't belong there --- they all read like those Turner Classic Movies short bits where somebody tries to defend the proposition that Humphrey Bogart was really good in a bunch of movies.