February 21st, 2011

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Who's gonna save the world?

[ Perhaps you recall my project to watch all the episodes of Jabberjaw and describe them in enough detail to fill the Internet's lack of an episode guide. Back in November-December it came to a halt with thirteen out of sixteen episodes as the final three I couldn't find on YouTube and the show wasn't on Boomerang's schedule. Well, it got back on the schedule, and I've now seen the last three episodes. So let me finish off the project now. I intend after this is done to write a proper title-plot summary table for the whole series, but I've got my enormously long set of notes about it already written and here we go. ]

Episode Number: JBJ-14
Title: ``The Fast-Paced Chase Race''
Original Airdate: 4 December 1976
Production Code: 84-14
Plot: While on a thousand-mile ocean-floor race the Neptunes wrestle for control of an oil-eating microbe with the minions of the villainous Dr Robeck.
Locations: Petrolaqua; A location 1000 Miles From Petrolaqua.
Guest Characters: Dr Robeck, Hugo, Bogar, Minion, Announcer, Race Starter.
Songs: ``I'm Coming Back'' (chase); ``Don't Let The Time Slip Away'' (performance, fragment).

A microbe that eats oil starts the story.

Those are two of the ugliest mad science types out there; of course they're villains. Dr Robeck looks like someone started with a Fu Manchu and made it Caucasian enough to not be stereotypical.

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The Neptunes were never actually told about Dr Robeck's plan; they just saw a vial with a drop of something that made an oil stain disappear and assumed the people it belonged to were up to no good. It's a safe assumption for them, given the number of world-conquering schemes they've run into, but it's not strictly logically justified from what they saw.

Trivia: British sailors posted in home waters had a beer, rather than grog, ration (of a gallon per day) through to the end of the 18th century. Source: To Rule The Waves: How The British Navy Shaped The Modern World, Arthur Herman.

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