February 27th, 2011

krazy koati

We're gonna have a good time

Stepping way from pop culture for the briefest while possible: there's some family news come up recently. From my perspective this started with a phone call my other brother made, part of the usual calling-home stuff; my father handed me the phone and insisted that my brother wanted to talk. He further insisted that I had to stand somewhere that my mother could see my face as he told me something.

It turns out, I'm to be an uncle again.

This was an unexpected pregnancy; but he and his girlfriend have decided to plunge ahead, aware that they really don't know what they're getting into. The birth is expected in early September, and my brother wanted to be sure that we were all informed well ahead of hearing about it on his Twitter feed.

I was starting to form congratulations --- I was shocked, although he was really the sibling for whom an unexpected pregnancy would be the least shocking --- when he advised me this as the part where I should offer congratulations. And after talking over the news for a few minutes he asked to have the phone returned to my father, which would keep my father too busy to accidentally reveal the news to our other brother and his wife over instant messenger.

The story as I hear it is my brother told the sister-in-law and her husband over the phone, and then asked to be put on speaker so our niece could be told. She apparently understood the news was at least something exciting, as she apparently squealed in delight and fell over giggling. I can believe she's looking forward to having a new young person in the world she can dominate.

Trivia: By 1939 the mounting and control systems for the Mount Palomar telescope had ben assembled and tested, with a concrete disc taking the place of the still-incomplete primary mirror. Source: The Perfect Machine: Building The Palomar Telescope Ronald Florence.

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