March 28th, 2011

krazy koati

But I know we'll meet again some sunny day

I'd picked up a bunch of DVDs at the closings of the FYE and Saturday Something Videos --- I know I'd alluded to this --- but now I've finally got around to actually watching them and some have been surprises. For example, one was Doctor Strangelove, or, How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Became a Mixed-Up Zombie Finding The World Is Hollow And I Have Touched The Sky. This wasn't anything like my first time, of course; it's probably not even in my first dozen times. But it was the first time in a good while and I noticed things about it that I hadn't noticed before, or had forgotten.

The first and most startling thing is: the movie is pretty close to real time. It's probably not exactly so, but there isn't much of the time compression that makes up movies. We start with the bombers at the fail-safe points asserted to be ``two hours'' from their primary targets, and by the time the movie ends just a little over ninety minutes later, one bomber has got ... not to its primary (or secondary) targets but to a target-of-opportunity that it's still able to reach.

The other thing I'd forgotten or not noticed is that while he commands the memory of the movie, Doctor Strangelove himself is barely in it: he doesn't appear until about fifty minutes in, and he's only got about two and a half scenes. They're key scenes, indelible ones, but I think the only character who gets less screen time is that general's girlfriend who makes up the whole female presence in the film. It's startling how different a thing can be from the impression it makes.

Trivia: On attending St John's College, Cambridge, with his brother John in 1750 Erasmus Darwin won a scholarship of £ 16 per annum. Source: The Lunar Men: The Friends Who Made The Future, Jenny Uglow.

Currently Reading: Divine Misfortune, A Lee Martinez. OK, I have to recommend this book to all my friends out there who are raccoon fans. Wow.

(And in other news: Dick Tracy showed the Space Coupe today! With the hint that it may be more than a cameo!)