April 13th, 2011

krazy koati

Oh, I can't sit still with the hippy hippy shakes

I've come into the possession of a pair of jeans. I mean a pair of pairs of jeans. I mean, there's two distinct jeans, each of which is considered a pair. You know what I mean. If you don't there's no point carrying on here.

What I'm getting to is that I didn't buy them since my basic objection to jeans is pretty well-known around here: they're not as comfortable as the many other kinds of pant-based clothing products out there. And while allegedly they will become comfortable with sufficient wear, I don't get the point of wearing something uncomfortable in the hopes of getting it to be as comfortable as something that already is comfortable from the moment of purchase. I realize there are great things not immediately appreciated, but I don't think pants belong on the list.

But since I didn't buy them, where did they come from? And the answer there is my other brother, the one up in New England with the surprise child on the way. He's found that with the regular and well-paid job he's got now he can't quite fit into his old clothes so he thought perhaps I might make use of them instead. Good logic. He also thought I'd get a kick out of being the undisputed skinny one of the family, and he's even more right there.

The only thing is I'd left them in the living room for a couple days and now I don't know where they've gone. They ought to be somewhere.

Trivia: The Daybreak baseball Club of Jackson, Michigan, lost 17 of its 34 members to enlistment in the Civil War; similar enrollments decimated or completely shut down many cities' baseball teams. Source: But Didn't we Have Fun? An Informal History Of Baseball's Pioneer Era, 1843 - 1870, Peter Morris.

Currently Reading: Look Away! A History Of The Confederate States Of America, William C Davis.