April 21st, 2011

krazy koati

And you will see things you never saw before

Now, the prelude to my escorting off the FunTown pier: I drove over o Seaside Heights despite the kind-of threatening to sort-of want to rain maybe, which it was like all day. I pulled up near the boardwalk, toward the Casino Pier end, and found a parking spot. It turned out they had just started metered parking as of last Friday, which figures. Paying for my parking slot was unnecessarily complicated: I wanted to pay with my credit card so as to hoard dollar bills for work (it simplifies ordered-in lunches); but, when I tried, the kiosk sat there demanding an ID number. This wouldn't be the parking spot number, I gave it that over and over again. It just sulked until I gave it a couple of my precious singles.

At the retro arcade which bunny_hugger and I visited over the new year, I was having a pretty good game of Pin-Bot despite a bit of rustiness at it until the third ball which got stuck on the ramp leading underneath Pin-Bot's visor. I did my best to shake the ball free, and this managed to do nothing but earn looks of disapproval from the tilt mechanism. In despair I gave up and played the third ball of a game of F-14 Wildcat which someone else had abandoned and that after working up a most satisfying 8x bonus.

I also was forced into despair at the change machine outside the 1980s video games, as it took my dollar, rattled around a while, and then started flashing a yellow light on top, like I had Commercial Sign. I got change from a nearby person who I guessed was employed there since he wasn't shy about going behind the stuffed-dolls counter, and I had some of the world's most unsuccessful games of Arkanoid, Q*Bert, and Donkey Kong since the last time I tried playing them. I don't think it's just lack of experience on the real games instead of the clones typed in from Compute!'s Gazette; I think I have an actual problem with video games as games.

Following this I figured I had enough time to wander over to the FunTown pier and see what I could photograph before my one hour's paid parking expired and that's how I got into the incident related yesterday.

Trivia: Experience on the X-15 simulator indicated the vehicle could probably achieve an altitude of 450,000 feet, but that successful reentry to the atmosphere from that peak would require ideal conditions; any control failure would result in the loss of the vehicle and death of the pilot. The actual achieved peak altitude was 354,200 feet. Source: At The Edge OF Space: The X-15 Flight Program, Milton O Thompson.

Currently Reading: Only Yesterday: An Informal History of the 1920s, Frederick Lewis Allen.