May 28th, 2011

krazy koati

Take these broken wings

My planned visit to Lansing, and bunny_hugger, and Morphicon for mid-May began before 6 am, to give time to get to my brother and his wife's and take the train to the airport. My e-mail reported an update on my flight status: my 10 am flight had been cancelled, for maintenance issues, and I was bumped back to a later departing flight which would put me in Lansing about 9 pm. I was supposed to meet bunny_hugger in Lansing about 3 pm and we'd drive to Columbus, Ohio, together. This is when I began to get stressed.

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The important thing: while I got to Lansing nearly two hours late, and so bunny_hugger and I set out for Columbus about 5:00 instead of about 3:00, we were together, and she felt as wonderful to hold as ever she did.

Trivia: Apollo 10's mission plan included the making of 11 color television broadcasts over two hours and 55 minutes. It made 19 in all, for a total of five hours, 52 minutes, 12 seconds of broadcast, although two of the originally planned broadcasts were skipped. Source: Apollo 10: The NASA Mission Reports, Editor Robert Godwin.

Currently Reading: Johnny Appleseed: The Man, The Myth, The American Story, Howard Means. He's a fascinating person, but there's so little primary documentation extant about his life that it's hard getting a handle on him at all. The book's very good about separating what's documented from what's reasonably-contemporary oral legend versus what's modern-legend, but you could pitch this book as a general history of early-white-settlement Midwest with a slight bias toward Johnny Appleseed at least as easily as calling it a biography of him. Good read, though, and it mentions the Fort Wayne Wayne Newton Fort TinCaps.