June 5th, 2011

krazy koati

Oh, a pirate's life is a wonderful life, a-rovin' over the sea

[ I'm not late for any good reason. I'm late because Verizon has decided to give this whole ``ISP'' thing a pass. No, I'm not happy. ]

A few more moments from my niece's birthday party. One is that while the main theme was for Princesses, particularly Disney Princesses, there was some concession granted to the fact that boys would be there. So the alternate theme was Pirates. This meant there were a good number of inflatable balloon pirate swords left about, and I naturally took one to bring into the office. While I've done very well in keeping the deflated balloon sword in my messenger bag, I haven't quite managed the bit where I take it out and inflate it, much less wield it against my boss, who hasn't been seen in almost two weeks anyway. Maybe I'll remember come Monday.

Both the Princess and the Pirate themes came with gift bags, pre-assembled and come in from wherever it is the commercial gift bag stores are. I don't know. Thing is the Pirate gift bags came with a couple of plastic gold-tinted coins, complete with prominent $ signs on either side, and sadly no chocolate interiors. The coins got very well scattered over the whole house and back yard, and were the occasion for a fair number of amateur magic tricks that made me long to have actually tried learning magic tricks at some point. My niece seemed a receptive audience anyway. She was proud to declare, on grabbing some of the coins, ``I has a money'', indicating either she's right that the only way to describe these featureless coins is as ``a money'' or that she now speaks lolcat.

Either way there was a nice cardboard castle my brother and his wife had built for them to play in, which I'd mentioned. She wanted to play in it even after the party ended, and my sister-in-law fobbed it off with the grand traditional parental promise: ``It'll be there tomorrow and you can play then''. And since it was a beautiful day with no hint of moisture in the air they left it out overnight. You'll never in a million billion trillion years guess what happend at 6:30 the following morning. It wasn't a very long storm, but I'm curious what was left of the castle.

Trivia: The most recent castle built in Britain was Sir Edwin Lutyens' Castle Drogo in Devon, built 1910 - 1930. Source: The History Today Companion To British History, Editors Juliet Gardiner, Neil Wenborn. (Published 1995, so I suppose this may have been superseded.)

Currently Reading: The Teapot Dome Scandal: How Big Oil Bought The Harding White House And Tried To Steal The Country, Laton McCartney.