June 7th, 2011

krazy koati

When you're listening late at night you may think the band are not quite right

Saturday opened sooner than Friday did, for the good reason that species sigs are held at unspeakably early hours in the morning and I wanted to go to the Raccoons sig.

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I got through without knocking anything over, or being knocked over, and the audience whether impressed that I was putting dance into my act or just glad that I'd got through without thousands of dollars in damage setting the hotel on fire applauded with more than average enthusiasm.

Trivia: The British Museum began opening for Sunday afternoon visits in 1885, and the National Gallery and the National Portrait Gallery did so from 1896. Source: Sunday: A History Of The First Day From Babylonia To The Super Bowl, Craig Harline.

Currently Reading: The Second City Unscripted: Revolution and Revelation At The World-Famous Comedy Theater, Mike Thomas. I know a lot of people who seem to have great senses of humor talk up the geniusness of Chris Farley, but man, I never saw it on TV. He just looked like a loud guy throwing his body around. Maybe it plays better in person. Some folks just do that; I understand people who didn't like Mary Jo Pehl as Pearl Forrester on Mystery Science Theater 3000, though I always did; but in person there's not really room for saying she's not the most attention-drawing person on stage.