June 13th, 2011

krazy koati

Searching my past for the things that I've seen

Chapter Eleven, ``A Prince In Bondage'', reveals that the Hidden City has not been destroyed by Kane's attack.

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Trivia: Thomas Watson's introduced his iconic ``THINK'' sign while he was working for National Cash Register; when he left for the Computing-Tabulating-Recording corporation in 1914, he took the icon with him. Source: The Maverick And His Machine: Thomas Waston Sr and the Making of IBM, Kevin Maney.

Currently Reading: Star Science Fiction Original #4, Editor Frederik Pohl. (Great Original Stories, it says, and one did indeed hit the all-time great lists.) So the introduction is Pohl talking about the looming population bomb and how if we don't do something Soon, ``Malthusian Law is about to be re-enacted'' and what to do? ``That's the kind of question the eight writers in this present volume ... are well equipped to answer.'' I'm not sure how Fritz Leibner's ``Space-Time For Springers'' answers the Malthusian Law problem, however. And even the Kornbluth entry is one that's not about how all those genetically inferior lunkheaded idiots keep out-breeding the smart people (``The Advent On Channel Twelve'', which is more about the perils of The Mickey Mouse Club).