June 16th, 2011

krazy koati

Is it my life or just something I've dreamed?

The final chapter, ``War of the Planets'', opens with the revelation that Buck Rogers is not dead.

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Was this fun? Sure. For all my snarking about it, and the moments where I could not believe what was going on, and for all the points where I could see they were padding, I was enjoying myself. I'm not sure if as a kid I'd have appreciated its charms --- as much as Star Wars owes to this, including the receding-perspective backstory caption openers, it also improves the breed on almost every count. I think the serial may have been more imaginative in figuring wipes from scene to scene, but otherwise I had to grow old enough to appreciate something like this.

I'm tempted to go over the follow-up serial, Ace Drummond, though I admit worrying that I'm hopelessly boring people. I might do it anyway, as I'm not boring me yet.

Trivia: When Valentina Vladimirovna Tereshkova was named a cosmonaut the call sight ``Golden Eagle'' was proposed for her; however, the giving of her ``the name of a predator like the golden eagle'' was protested. A communication specialist then gave her the call sign Seagull and noted they were also predators, of fish, which was apparently seen as hilarious. (Golden eagles are also predators of fish.) Source: This New Ocean: The Story Of The First Space Age, William E Burrows.

Currently Reading: Jet Age: The Comet, The 707, And The Race To Shrink The World, Sam Howe Verhovek.