June 26th, 2011

krazy koati

Contact! Spin 'em around! Contact! Leaving the ground!

Chapter One of Ace Drummond opens with the photograph of Captain Eddie Rickenbacker, ``America's Beloved Ace of Ace, The Inspiration Of Youthful Airmen The World Over'', and the title in that crescent-based Chinese Restaurant font reading, ``Chapter One: When East Meets West''.

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The ``Next Week'' card here shows a model of a Chinese dragon moving around and spitting flame under the title of next week's episode, and the proclamation ``The Dragon commands!'' There's not exactly a direction given on the card --- just, that next week at this theater is Chapter Two, `The Invisible Enemy' --- but it's still cute. I might start randomly following statements of fact with ``The Dragon Commands!''

Trivia: The act to set up a colonial entrepot in Darien was passed by the Scotland's Parliament on 26 June 1695. Source: History of Money, Glyn Davies.

Currently Reading: ``The Good War'', Studs Terkel.