July 2nd, 2011

krazy koati

Time to remember the heroes you thought you could be

bunny_hugger had a job interview, which is why my mother drove me to the park-and-ride.

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So we left our stuff in the trunk of the car and went to the real attraction: Dutch Wonderland.

Trivia: The Pennsylvania Rail Road was incorporated to build a line from Philadelphia to Pittsburgh, with a provision that the Baltimore & Ohio would be allowed to extend its lines to Pittsburgh if the Pennsylvania were not fast enough in connecting the state. Source: The Story Of American Railroads, Stewart H Holbrook.

Currently Reading: The First Tycoon: The Epic Life Of Cornelius Vanderbilt, T J Stiles. I'd got this book at the library book sale because I thought it was Edward Renehan's biography of Vanderbilt, which I'd read as an audio book and thought would be good for trivia mining. It's not, but Stiles talkes about Renehan's and brings up Renehan's recent and startling problems with source materials and how they come into his possession and wow, what a footnote.