July 4th, 2011

krazy koati

Come now we will arm ourselves with paper hats and pleasure

I'm not sure when bunny_hugger realized she hated the layout of Lancaster's street; possibly it was when she tried to find the train station. Certainly it happened by the time we found the new hotel, the one the college was putting her up in, as they combine interlined triangles with spontaneous shifts of the road a few feet to the left after an intersection and a prominent war memorial statue in the middle of an intersection we couldn't now avoid.

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We were near the entrance to ZooAmerica, and could just overhear a guide showing off an animal. She talked about its long snout, used to dig into the dirt and look for food, and how it was found in the southwest of the United States. ... Surely, if they had coatis, bunny_hugger would have seen them when she visited several years ago. And it would be an astounding coincidence if they were showing one off. And yet ... could it be? There wasn't any need to share our thoughts; we rushed toward the demonstration.

Trivia: As a prank one day, apparently, Milton Hershey created a batch of vanilla ice cream with chopped onion and set it up in a Hershey amusement park booth to sell as a ``new and exciting delicacy''. Customers fooling themselves into tolerating it ultimately bought the whole stock. Source: Hershey: Milton S Hershey's Extraordinary Life Of Wealth, Empire, and Utopian Dreams, Michael D'Antonio.

Currently Reading: The Reefs Of Space, Frederik Pohl, Jack Williamson.