July 13th, 2011

krazy koati

Joltin' Joe has left and gone away

So, what did we do at Seaside Heights? I began to learn some of the essentials of managing groups of people at an amusement park, something I'd never thought to learn before since I've gone to them with bunny_hugger or on my own since I was young enough to be taken on school or family expeditions. I was up for riding everything, particularly the dizzier rides which bunny_hugger doesn't typically feel up to. But woodlander was shyer about riding things. Morticon was good right up to the point he felt dizzy. Nyni carried on, riding such things as the Typhoon --- this swinging-pendulum ride with everyone seated facing outward on a ring that itself spins, so you keep getting yanked in the wrong direction --- and the Enterprise --- free-axeled seats spinning on a plane that goes tolerably vertical --- right up to the brink of getting sick.

That may have also been a bit of sun stroke, since we did manage to avoid all shade whatsoever except while passing through a few arcades. Actually, the arcades had surprise delights such as some of the prizes for sufficient ticket-winners: one was an emergency rations kit complete with meals. Another was a set of ``tree faces'', so you could put something kind of face-like on a tree, I guess. They came with partial baseball caps so you could dress a tree as if it were a Mets fan. You can tell a tree is a Mets fan because it's suicidal. One person asked us for help understanding one of those games where you drop a quarter on a tray where quarters keep getting moved back and forth, but even though the game was themed to The Price Is Right none of us had the faintest idea how it works. Also I showed on the shooting gallery how the flash makes every target jump at once, delighting our little crowd and spooking the poor woman who was shooting. I do wonder if we inspired any false hypotheses about setting off everything.

Morticon had to get back on the road, and Nyni had to be picked up by parents, so we left after really not long enough and sought out a restaurant to get something to drink and air conditioning. We found a place which was tops on the soda (and ice water) but didn't have the air conditioner working. And we accidentally got Nyni's parents confused about what road we were on, leaving them wandering the wrong street until we returned to the parking garage. It was fun, it was short, and I came out slightly sunburned.

Trivia: Henry VII's commissioning of two large armed naval vessels, the Regent and the Sovereign, were the first ships the English Crown had built for a half-century. Source: To Rule The Waves: How The Royal Navy Shaped The Modern World, Arthur Herman.

Currently Reading: Exploration And Empire: The Explorer And The Scientist In The Winning Of The American West, William H Goetzmann.