July 17th, 2011

krazy koati

Every little dream I dream about you

I got my hair cut yesterday, since it was reaching that point where I was spending too much on shampoo. This involved a longer wait than usual because the other barber who works there had been out (family emergency), and the end-of-week rush on top of that meant the waiting chairs were full. By the time I got in the chair he was too tired to talk much, if you can imagine.

Since that took me near Asbury Park, though, that took me into Asbury Park, for the Silverball Museum. My first discovery here was that they've replaced the parking space vending machines with ones that do not beep so imperiously so many times, and that don't seem to take so very long to validate your credit card, which will be much more appreciated come the windy days of winter. However, they still haven't figured out a process workflow that's sensible, and the receipt is positively hidden.

The museum looks to be in good shape, though, carrying on nicely and rotating new games in and out at a fair pace. This day, particularly, they had a machine I played a lot in the mid-90s: Road Show. The theme of this is that Red and Ted as construction workers drive across the United States, with major cities opening various modes in which they destroy stuff, and let's not look too closely at the portrayal of the New York City cab driver that shows up several times over. Game gimmicks include the mannequin-like heads of both Red and Ted, who can be hit with or even made to swallow the pinball. It's not sophisticated humor but it's a most playable game.

At least I think so. I saw one woman --- I took her to be the mother of a kid who was working well on The Addams Family --- try every button on the cabinet except the Start Game button, so she couldn't even start play. But I did, in time, and after one acclimatizing game had a pair of great rounds, both putting me at number one on the High Score For Today table. The second was just shy of putting me on the High Score Since The Last Reset table, too.

Trivia: For the Apollo-Soyuz Test Project, the Apollo crew slept through the launch of the Soyuz 19 crew. Source: Deke!, Donald K Slayton, Michael Cassutt. (The launch needed to be midafternoon, Baikonur time, which was mid-night, Florida time.)

Currently Reading: The Reminiscences Of Solar Pons, August Derleth.