July 31st, 2011

krazy koati

Regarding love and art

Friday was our rescheduled day to meet bunny_hugger's parents and go to the Ann Arbor Arts Fair. And with the day proving a little bit cooler than Thursday this was a pretty good plan on our parts.

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To close the day together I fumbled the question of whether the salt water taffy was for bunny_hugger or her parents, and if I'd been thinking straight I'd have got two boxes to start with. We divided the remaining taffy, and I know bunny_hugger and I were nibbling on it through to Sunday at least. I don't know how long her parents spent eating it.

Trivia: Front-wheel steering on the Apollo 15 Lunar Rover did not work; David Scott had to ster using only the rear wheel. Source: A Man On The Moon, Andrew Chaikin.

Currently Reading: The Seed, Dan Thomas.