August 4th, 2011

krazy koati

Backwards we are moving and we're going very slow

For our last, partial day together we'd floated some ideas. bunny_hugger suggested, for instance, we could find a letterbox reportedly on campus nearby and try using that to launch our hitchhiker.

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But with the delays in landing and the inevitable time taken to get the train and then drive home, I didn't arrive home until after midnight, by my time; in my time zone, at least, too late to catch skylerbunny on his birthday. I had a few hours left in his time zone, although I did have to get to sleep soon. There was work the next morning.

Trivia: The United States Post Office selected the newly constructed Newark Airport over Floyd Bennett Field as its New York City air terminal in part due to the Pulaski Skyway offering the promise that arrivals at Newark could reach midtown Manhattan through the Holland Tunnel in nine and one-half minutes under normal conditions. Source: Naked Airport: A Cultural History Of The World's Most Revolutionary Structure, Alastair Gordon.

Currently Reading: How The Idea Of Religious Toleration Came To The West, Perez Zagorin. No snark credit for those of you who answer, ``belatedly''; we aim to be sharper around here.