August 11th, 2011

krazy koati

Give me luck and a happy landing / And a tailwind good and strong

Ace Drummond Chapter Thirteen, ``The World's Akin'' (huh?), opens with the discovery that Ace Drummond is not dead.

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No idea what the title means for this, other than maybe they ran out of titles about the same time they ran out of serial installments.

Trivia: Wilbur Wright and (Army) Lieutenant Frederic Humphries made the first recorded night flight on 22 October 1909 at a College Park, Maryland, air field. It lasted for 42 minutes, under the moonlight. Source: Taking Flight: Inventing The Aerial Age From Antiquity Through The First World War, Richard P Hallion.

Currently Reading: Dark Lord Of Derkholm, Diana Wynne Jones. Huh. So she did make a novel of The Tough Guide To Fantasyland.