August 18th, 2011

krazy koati

And if you threw a party

The actual celebration of imminent babyhood was to start at 2:00, which is why my brother and I were to be over at 11:00, so we could help set things up. Only it turned out his car was too small to fit me, my sister, and the chairs and other stuff being brought over, so I was left to wait in the apartment. Add to that a detour to get the pizza --- and an extra little detour to see the Harvard campus, since why not? --- and I actually appeared around 1:30 with nothing to do. My mother gave me her camera and set me to taking photographs.

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Trivia: Toyota's first cars for the American market, sent in August 1957, were two Toyopet Crown sedans. Source: Car Wars: The Untold Story, Robert Sobel.

Currently Reading: Engines Of War: How Wars Were Won And Lost On The Railways, Christian Wolmar.