August 22nd, 2011

krazy koati

Than on my surfboard out at sea

We didn't have anything planned for Tuesday except that bunny_hugger might actually see my parents and give them a special gift. It was partly successful as she did see my father, and start talking about pretty near everything, really.

But my father was shocked that with the abundance of things in the area, including New York City and Philadelphia, we were planning to spend a day not doing much of anything. We pointed out to him we were going up to Manhattan Wednesday, for The Daily Show, and we'd just come off a big busy day. And we like having quiet days, sometimes; quiet moments allow hearts to speak.

He was, though, right there were some things we could do. We took the pause of the afternoon to go up to the Freehold Raceway Mall. The mall's greatly diminished, in my estimates, since her last visit as we've lost not just the Borders but also the two video/music stores, so that from a shopping perspective the place only has two things to appeal to me anymore, the pet store and the Apple store. And I buy stuff from either about as rarely, since I don't need pet stuff and the Apple store has decided there's no real need to carry software.

But they do have a carousel, a double-decker, and while bunny_hugger forgot her customer-loyalty card they had new ones for us so we can start assembling those. And they have a kind of horse on them that we'd not noticed in previous rides: ones that are neither fixed in place nor connected to the rotating mechanism to make them go up and down. Instead these are fixed to pivots with springs letting them rock back and forth as the rider directs, and we gave that different ride a try. It made for a different ride and I'm surprised I haven't noticed this before or at other carousels.

Despite our having got coffee and tea (for me, a chai that was so over-spiced it tasted less like tea and more like pie) we were still hungry and thought finally of this ``sushi buffet'' place on Route 9 which we keep passing --- including the day before --- without thinking to stop in. Wouldn't today be a good time to stop in? Sure it would.

It's of course heavily renovated from when it used to be an Old Country Buffet, and looks really good. It's also got a great selection of sushi, vegetarian and non, as well as a healthy mix of Chinese and Japanese food in general. By our first look through it'd leapt up to the top of my roster of buffet restaurants and I expect I'll go again when I have the chance.

However, we did spend long enough at the mall and eating that my parents had gone to bed. As far as the objective of seeing my mother was concerned, we hadn't got it done yet.

Trivia: The Lloyds Evening Post notice announcing the return of Captain James Cook from his second voyage of exploration reported correctly the southernmost latitude reached (72 degrees 30 minutes), but claimed he was stopped by a landmass rather than the wall of ice Cook confronted. Source: Discoveries: The Voyages Of Captain Cook, Nicholas Thomas.

Currently Reading: The Crooked Timber Of Humanity: Chapters In The History Of Ideas, Isaiah Berlin.