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Coati mundane
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Monday, August 29th, 2011

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I can show you that when it starts to rain, everything's the same

The night of the hurricane was ... not so bad, really. Rainy, of course, and windy. In the after-midnight hours there was the sense looking out the window of endless muddy paint being splashed against the windows, and dripping back down, so there might be seconds of clarity by which I could see the lights across the lake, and then it would be gone again. Much past midnight there was one of the rare spectacles that only a truly heavy storm can produce: lightning so distant and diffused that it has no bolt, but just the illuminating of the structure of clouds.

We didn't have any power failures, or water failures, during the day or overnight. There were a couple moments of flickering toward the end of my night and that's when I figured it would be good to close things up and get to bed, but it never got dreadful.

When I woke, after noon, I found all still looked good out. The sun was even intermittently out, and while the clouds were big and rolling they weren't raining more than slight drizzles. My father had gone out, to swap stories of how it rained a lot with the neighbors. The lake out back --- the water trap for one of the golf course holes --- was filled up higher than we've ever seen, but still hadn't overflowed its banks. It had reached near the top of the taller grasses there, so I'm sure the geese in the area are feeling all kinds of nervous.

Also, in Singapore, Tony Tan's beaten the other Tans for the office of President. He, with the eyeglasses ballot symbol, received 744,397 (35.19%) of the votes; Dr Tan Cheng Bock, of the palm tree, got 737,128 (34.85%); Tan Jee Say, the heart symbol, got 529,732 votes (25.04%), and Tan Kin Lian a mere 103,931 votes (4.91%), a severe setback for the waving hand in a word balloon bubble party. There are 5,504 overseas votes yet to be counted.

Trivia: The Signal Service began tracings and descriptions of West Indies hurricanes from 1878. Source: A History of the United States Weather Bureau, Donald R Whitnah.

Currently Reading: Elegy Beach, Steven R Boyett. This violates all the rules of being a decades-belated sequel to a beloved classic by being, you know, really quite good. Refitting the date of the Change threw me because I wasn't expecting it, but I was able to accept similar loose slides on the dates in the 2001 novels. It's just ... however nice the iPod scene might be it threw me right out of the book.

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