October 1st, 2011

krazy koati

Explanations I can't explain

Let me see if I can explain the server issue at least as clearly as I understand it. At the core, we've got a web site, and a data source. The boss wants the web site and data source to be hosted at the data center, with a twin at the main office on which I can develop and test things. (The development thing even gives me a URL with a .info extension, and who do you know has something that exotic? It's almost like seeing a .int in the wild.)

So far, fine. But they got some weird kind of external drive to host the data which is supposed to make it easy to ensure that data on the main site and the development site are kept identical. Again, fine. But the web servers can only read files on this drive if it's plugged directly in to the web server; it hasn't got permission to read files on it if the drive is plugged in to a different server. In development, we had both servers trying to call the same external drive, and I kept hitting the problem of the code working on the one it was plugged into and not the one it wasn't, and I kept saying, we have to fix this. The tech guys kept saying both machines have permission to read the external drive, and I keep pointing out, that doesn't mean it works.

In the data center there's another of these external drives. So in principle we can have both of my servers plugged directly in to the external drives. However, the external drive up in the data center is also hosting data for another project, and I have the suspicion that that is going to require being plugged directly in too. This is the main tech problem that I've been trying to get them to fix.

(There's also that the directory path to one set of files isn't the same between the two servers, and for some reason this is difficult to explain. I have to get them in on it so that the synchronization of files keeps being done correctly, if such a thing is possible.)

However. For now, I got them to set it up where the web services and web site are on the computer plugged into the external drive, in both spots. The result is that everything is working with just a little touch of brilliance on my part. This isn't exactly the setup the boss wants, but until we get the drive permission issue figured out this is as close as we can get, and it's certainly got the results he wants.

Trivia: The Babylonian Zodiac sign corresponding to the Latin Capricorn was the Goat-Fish. Source: Mapping Time: The Calendar and its History, EG Richards.

Currently Reading: The World Of Jeeves, P G Wodehouse. Short story collection. My printing, frustratingly, seems to have a folio messed up. It jumps right from the midst of ``Comrade Bingo'' into ``The Purity Of The Turf''. On the other hand, one-and-two-thirds copies of ``The Purity Of The Turf''.