October 4th, 2011

krazy koati

Thinkin' bout it's here and it's real

The Price Is Right has started up again, so I've got my statistics begun anew. This first report only covers two weeks of episodes, from the 19th of September through the 30th, but that's enough for a starting point, isn't it? It also covers the 7500th episode of the new series, so between that and the forthcoming 40th anniversary of the new series's debut there's been a lot of nostalgic looking back and brief clips of noteworthy moments of the past, some of which aren't that contestant whose breasts popped out when she leapt around excitedly.

First Second Third
Month 8 5 7
Season 8 5 7

And resuming my count of the lowest winning spins, there's not a lot of data yet but why not start sooner than later?

No Overspins One Overspin Two Overspins
Solo Win 70 75 65
Tied Win 95 - -
Triple Tie - - -

Trivia: The day Sputnik launched, Neil Armstrong was in Los Angeles for a meeting of the Society of Experimental Test Pilots. Source: First Man: The Life Of Neil A Armstrong, James R Hansen.

Currently Reading: Secret Weapons: Technology, Science, and the Race To Win World War II, Brian J Ford. I really want to like this book more, because it's a birthday present, and because it covers with reasonable sense a field that's got a lot of woo-woo History Channel cheapo documentaries polluting it, and a lot of it looks good, but then I keep running across little things that aren't quite right. I mean ... ``the vision of a man on the moon, which President John F Kennedy put to the nation on 12 September 1962''? Technically, I suppose, yes, he put it to the nation on that date, but that was again. But to say the Dam-buster raids in the Ruhr inspired the movie The Dam Busters which in turn was influential in ``scenes from the Steven Spielberg Movie Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope''? You can't blow the easy stuff if you want me to believe the hard.

PS: Some Names Which e Doesn't Have.