October 8th, 2011

krazy koati

I'll be alone each and every night

I promised to put pictures of the amusement parks we visited on the web. I'm slow getting around to the simple, obvious things. Here's some from Dorney Park, to start with, and I figure to do a bunch of photo essays this week because I'm preoccupied with the one person who can most wholly preoccupy me this weekend.

Shortly after arriving at Dorney Park, it rained, heavily, and for not all that long considering. My sister and her husband thought it would be just enough to clear out the crowds, and indeed, we didn't have a bad time of it waiting in lines afterwards.
And good things came of the rain, besides the shortage of crowds: it meant there were some fantastic plays of light and shadow, even more than would be expected for the near-sunset hours.
If this summer had any recurring theme, it was ``getting to see The Whip in reality''. There was a small one at Dutch Wonderland, and a regular one at HersheyPark. Dorney Park offered my next chance to see and ride one.
Next to this is a sign for ``The Octopus'', and the base here was the only clue we had to what sort of ride it might have been. You have to admit, that ride is as closed as can get.
Some of these new-fangled roller coasters launch really fast. For example, this one.
Another advantage of starting so late is that we had an almost unending array of sunset or near-sunset pictures to take of the rides.

Trivia: Mort Weisinger at National Comics bragged about having one of his magazines reviewed in The New Yorker. The review was SJ Perelman's satiric ``Captain Future, Block That Kick!'' Source: Men of Tomorrow, Gerard Jones.

Currently Reading: Candy Freak: A Journey Through The Chocolate Underbelly Of America, Steve Almond. And he raises a great question right at the start: regional candies are disappearing fast; why isn't there an equivalent to the microbrewery market for odd or local candies?

Also, happy everything day, Dave Barry fans!

PS: Something Cute Without 9's And A 6